I purchased one of your hydraulic decks the end of December 2015 and wanted to let you know how impressed I am. First off, I want to talk about the quality of the build. When the deck arrived I immediately started looking it over. The welds,materials you chose to use for ski guides, clamp system, lights, fabricated pull out tray and wiring are all high quality items that you provided and all exceeded my expectations, you certainly did not cut any corners. I'd spoken with other manufactures of this type deck and after talking with you it was an easy decision. You were very personable and proceeded to explain how it was built. Honestly, after receiving it I think you were being modest. I've currently been using it for my snowmobiles but plan to use it for my Polaris 4 seater side by side with the additional cross section I purchased. I may even occasionally throw the Harley on it. I have no concerns that this deck will outperform my expectations. The other thing I really like about this deck is having the ability to fold the sides up at 90 degrees to haul various items like you would in a truck box, as well as being able to fold them in on themselves eliminating any visual impairment, this is a great design. You've outdone yourself and have a lifetime customer.


Sheen J. Thomas

hey tim just got back from stturgis and the deck is sitting in my driveway. holy shit even if it doesn't work its a hell of apiece of equipment. its nice to see something that is well built with NICE shit used thruout. cant wait to get it installedand will writea better review when I can.

MIke Nixon

Although the Tufflift was designed for hauling sleds, quads and motor bikes we purchased ours for moving construction materials, furniture and scaffolding to name a few. The lift has not let us down and seems indestructible no matter what we use it for. It also has a great fit and finish with a very durable powder coating job. We looked everywhere for a lifting device of this style and of this quality and found nothing close, even to this day. Given the wide variety of construction materials that we've picked up and delivered with the Tufflift one would expect the need for repairs due to the oversized and awkward loads but, we have done no welding repairs or mechanical repairs. The deck is extremely flexible due to its flip down side deck extensions and the telescoping rear rails with cross support. We would recommend this product to anyone and it is well worth the money.

Bill Ruskowsky

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